Stories in Song

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Nona Childress- Viola & Cello
  • Nona Childress played some wonderful favorites on her mellow, singing viola and cello.
  • We did a Zoom version of a sing-a-long to “El Paso”.
  • Jack sang a song where the goat won.
  • Arike sang and translated a stirring and inspiring song to start our new year right.
  • Christy sang “Ghost Riders in the SKy” and Wendy gave us her version of “Ghost Yuppies in the Sky.”
  • Christy gave us the meaning behind “The Witch Doctor.”

Stories in Song

  1. Songs tell stories. Some of our most memorable stories come from song.
  2. Songs are memories. Songs are important parts of our lives.
  3. Songs make us get up and do things.

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