The Big Birthday Bash

Audrey Knuth – Fiddle

Susan Marie Frontczak – Wordsmith

  • Audrey proves she is a storyteller in her own right as she gives us anecdotes about the tunes she plays for us. She is amazing and deserves a standing ovation every time for her amazing fiddling.
  • Susan delights us with a wise tale about “Wonderful” and composes a birthday poem for the birthday duo.
  • Bowen shares a video of the first time she met Christy at Contra Carnival.

October Babies

  1. Everyone should be so fortunate to be born in October.
  2. Bowen and Christy discover they have the same birthday and want to celebrate with a contra dance.
  3. No dancing? Have a big bash anyway.
  4. Thanks everyone for joining us in the celebration.

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